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Oct 20, 2014

N e w F e m m e C h i c

This week, I started a new adventure at Rebecca Taylor at Fashion Island! It was a successful one, I might add. I still feel uncomfortable and awkward, but that’s all a part of change. I think something great will come of this! A little perk of the job is getting an allowance to spend on pretty clothes to wear to work. So here’s a little peak of my favorite outfit thus far compliments of Rebecca…

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Oct 19, 2014

Dining With Dre: Tokyo Table

I opted for a casual Friday night dinner with my friend, Victoria because we were both tired from working all day. She suggested a few different Japanese restaurants, so I got the feeling we were doing Japanese food for the night which was fine with me! I love Japanese food: sushi, ramen, rice bowls, you name it! She suggested Tokyo Table at the Diamond Jamboree in Irvine. I rarely make my way to…

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Oct 12, 2014

Dining With Dre: Snow Monster

Dining With Dre: Snow Monster

I’m usually not much of a dessert person, but when it comes to a specialty dessert place like Afters Ice Cream, Creamistry or any of the like, I just can’t say no to trying. I’ll always try it at least once and those fun reviews will come soon! A friend told me about Snow Monster and after Yelping it to for some research, I was intrigued!

Snow Monster is known for its macaron ice cream…

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Oct 10, 2014

A Little Coat(ing)


For some unknown reason, I usually don’t like wearing or buying coats. Maybe it’s the SoCal girl in me, but this season I’ve had my eye on several coats, this one included. Love this baggy boyfriend look. Can’t wait for it to get a little chillier to pair this with a big flannel scarf.

Jacket: Free People, Top: Mural, Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Watch:…

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Oct 3, 2014

Dining With Dre: Packing House ~ Popbar

Dining With Dre: Packing House ~ Popbar

I’ve heard about the Packing District from many friends and have been wondering what all the hype is about. What I heard is that it’s a “trendy cafeteria,” so this week I decided to check it out for myself.

In the heart of downtown Anaheim, California in the Packing District lives the “trendy cafeteria”–Packing House. Outside of the cafeteria-style plaza is a green, hilly courtyard adorned with a…

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Oct 1, 2014

p a c k i n g | c h i c

p a c k i n g | c h i c


Went to the Packing District this week with my sister to try some new places to eat for Dining With Dre. Opted for a more casual outfit since the Packing House is definitely a casual place, but still a bit trendier than most cafeterias. Kept cool in a simple tank and a flannel worn as a skirt for the warm summer evening. Definitely want to go back to explore and try more places! Dining With Dre:…

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Sep 26, 2014

Dining With Dre: Lobsta Truck

Dining With Dre: Lobsta Truck

I’ve been wanting to incorporate more lifestyle pieces into my blog for some time, so I’m very excited to start this five-week excursion of new lifestyle pieces I’m calling: Dining With Dre. I’ll be trying a new restaurant each week and posting an outfit that goes along with the restaurant theme. So here goes! First stop, Lobsta Truck stopped in Huntington Beach, California.

I noticed that there…

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Dancing in Damask

Dress: Glamorous via Nordstrom Savvy, Shoes: Zara, Jewelry: Alex and Ani, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban So excited to have picked up this cute little dress that’s usually out of my comfort zone.
Sep 18, 2014 / 1 note

Dancing in Damask

Dress: Glamorous via Nordstrom Savvy, Shoes: Zara, Jewelry: Alex and Ani, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban So excited to have picked up this cute little dress that’s usually out of my comfort zone.

Sep 15, 2014
I urge you to please notice when you are happy.
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Never be afraid to fall apart because it is an opportunity to rebuild yourself the way you wish you had been all along.
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Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.
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